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I may not have been born with a paintbrush in hand, but my mother almost guaranteed that art would always be a part of my life by making my middle name "Picasso". My progression as an artist started with doodling and a love of photography and film making. Later, around the same time I began studying Art Therapy, I turned to painting on canvas. My mother's careers as an artist and a psychiatric nurse have drawn me to study Art Therapy. Her model has given me a belief in the healing power of making art. I am not sure what is in store for me, but I know it will be a path full of art.

Inner Space
Almost There
Temporary Blue
Happy Now
Olive View
Safe Inside
One Moment
Facing Stones
Waiting Patiently
The City she Loves
Birds of a Feather
Just Being Around
Path of Least Resistance
Going Fishing
Moon Pig
Seeing the Path