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Pearangel Art Studio: Kaja


Art has always been a part of my life. I grew up surrounded by Mom's insatiable need to create. When an image surfaces in my mind, I let it guide my hands. As an art piece unfolds before me, it is one of the few times that I am truly living in the moment, completely focused on my task.

Take Care of Me
Mother Courage
The Winter of Discontent
The Weight of Choice
Grief (front)
I'll Take Care of You
I'll Take Care of You (front)
The Stretch (front)
The Stretch (back)
Grief (back)
Grief (side)
Support (man's face) SOLD
Support (man) SOLD
Support (side) SOLD
The Stretch (side)
I Give Up (SOLD)
Little Buddha (side)
Little Buddha (face)
Little Buddha (front)
Embrace (front)
Embrace (left side)
Embrace (right side)
I Give Up (SOLD)
Ange-en-Ciel (back)
Ange-en-Ciel (face)
Letting Go (face)
Letting Go (side)
Moonlight (face)
Moonlight (side)
Ange-en-Ciel (front)
The Drowning Man
The Drowning Man (face)
The Drowning Man (hand)
My Sun