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Artist Statement

I have always created. I cannot separate art from life. I paint everywhere and on almost every-thing. I think of art when I wake up and dream of art when asleep. Buddhas, angels, nurses, moms and children are recurrent themes.

How I embrace life is how I express it through art. What interests me is how we transform the simple ordinary moments, as well as the complexities of life’s journey into peaceful, beautiful and meaningful works of art. This endless spiritual quest remains an ever exciting and magical path.









Curriculum Vitae (Selection)

2011 Contemporary Art Gallery New York, USA

2010 Art Expo New York New York USA

2010 Allsebrook Project Bristol UK

2009 APW Gallery New York UK

2008 Birchwood Gallery Yellowknife CANADA

2008 Galeria Inspirare San Miguel de Allende MEXICO

2007 Bibliothèque Anne-Hébert Québec CANADA

2006 Toronto Art Expo Toronto CANADA

2005 Art Ireland Dublin IRELAND

2001 Visual Arts Gallery, One of a Kind Chicago USA

1999 Musée de la Poste Ottawa CANADA

1996 Musée du Tabac Bergerac FRANCE

'Green' Art

As an artist, I make efforts to choose methods and materials that respect the earth. In my collage, I use materials that are found, recycled and re-used,rather than bought. As well, I use water-based paints, acid free glue and cotton rag and stone paper. I am constantly seeking new ways to ‘green’ my art.