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Soul Worker

The Soulworker
Micheline Montgomery
acrylic on linen
24" x 36"     2001

not for sale



In my opinion a nurse is a healer, a soulworker.  It is someone who with her kindness, compassion, education and skill encourages and inspires children and adults to believe in themselves and in life in spite of difficult circumstances.  As John Poppy said, "A healer is no passive observer.  She or he sees people whose bodies are disintegrating, whose lives have lost their safety...  It is the impulse to commonplace courage and everyday heroism that the healer formalizes into a life's work."

Micheline Montgomery
January 4, 2002


Giclee print on canvas 36” x 24” $850.00
Giclee print on paper 21.6 ” x 14.4” $350.00
Giclee print on paper 15.4” x 10.3” $200.00