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The Weight of Choice
The Weight of Choice

Kaja Montgomery
acrylic and collage on chair seat
15" x 15"  2012


My next step was figuring out what action to take. This collage represented the two paths I saw available to me. Leading up to the fork is Pain and Anger. I sit between the two choices, head in my hands heavy with the decision I needed to make. To the left is the unknown: Loving and Risk, ending in a sunrise filled with Happiness. To the right is the path of security: Family and Safe, ending in a cloudy dark woods of Sadness. I put family on this side, because that is what I felt I would lose if I separated. I would no longer be a family. I was right. All my in-laws turned their backs on me. I remember asking Jordan which path he would take and he said the safe path. As I write this I tear up. It was not an easy choice to make.

Kaja Montgomery
August 4, 2015




Mississauga, Ontario, Canada