Pearangel Art Studio: Paintings

I paint everywhere. I cannot separate art from the rest of my life. I believe art can inspire and touch people if it comes from the heart and the soul.  Faces and angels are recurrent themes in my art. The spiritual element expresses my endless quest for peace, harmony and integration.  Art becomes for me a magical path expressing my perception and experience of life.

I may not have been born with a paintbrush in hand, but my mother almost guaranteed that art would always be a part of my life by making my middle name "Picasso". My progression as an artist started with doodling and a love of photography and film making. Later, around the same time I began studying Art Therapy, I turned to painting on canvas. My mother's careers as an artist and a psychiatric nurse have drawn me to study Art Therapy. Her model has given me a belief in the healing power of making art. I am not sure what is in store for me, but I know it will be a path full of art.


"Fear is the path to the darkside (Star Wars)." Art is the path back to the lightside.

I am Kaja's eldest son. I like drawing, reading, building lego, swimming and movies (My mom says to add talking). I have grown up in a family of artists. I have been inpsired by my Mom to share my art on the Pearangel Art Studio website.




Ethan is Kaja's youngest son. He loves to sing, dance, draw, be silly and cuddle.







 Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA


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